House In The Park #14

House In The Park #14

Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions spent some time talking with House In The Park Founder – Ramon Rawsoul. Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, he had no idea his life would change for him.

Moving to the suburbs of Chicago and then to Atlanta for college, he started to meet people that were a part of the underground scene. Encountering some of Atlanta’s influential DJs during that time, he caught the bug and wanted to start his own party. That’s when The Gathering came about and during the same year House In the Park was birthed.

House In The Park started off with 8 DJs (all of Ramon’s Friends), then the following year it was 6 scheduled (5 played as one couldn’t make it). Then it became just the iconic 4 DJs that you see today - Salah Ananse, DJ Kemit, Ramon Rawsoul and Kai Alce. This order has not changed in years even though the park location has. Moving from Candler Park to Perkerson Park to Grant Park speaks to how much this event has grown over the years. So much so, that it’s considered a festival. The other game changer is that this is the 1st year that it will be charging people to attend (kids under 10 are free).

It’s usually a great day in the park, rain or shine. The music. The people. The Love that’s in the air. The Dancing. It all does something to each person that’s in attendance. Whether you like house music or not, it’s typically about some feel good music being played. If you’re in the Atlanta area, not let Labor Day Sunday pass you by and you not be a part of one of the fun festivals in the city. I’ll be there dancing and I hope to see you there as well.

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RCR! Presents Real Discussions

A Conversation with DJ Jazzy Joyce

Often times when we think "Legend" in the music, artist and DJ realm, we typically focus on men. However, this individual is an exception to the rule. It was my honor to sit down and have a conversation with DJ Jazzy Joyce.

Hailing from The Bronx (my hometown), this phenomenal woman has been in the game of DJing since she was a little girl. So, young that her mom had to take her to parties/events.

Hip Hop is her steelo, but she has never limited herself to just that. She has allowed the music to take her and the audience wherever they want to go and thus a good time is had by all. Joyce shared her experiences with that has spanned over 40 years. Never tired of growing and staying relevant, she keeps her eyes and ears open as to how music has changed. She throws no shade as she understands it all.

She lets us know that it's all about expression and being able to be free to express yourself is essential. Not only a DJ, but an artist as well, she paints and designs her own clothing line. Pieces that need to be hung in a gallery and/or museum. Let's not take for granted this one as she's still here willing to ROCK the party & part some wisdom for those that want to hear it.

Real Chicks Rock!™ Salutes DJ Jazzy Joyce... A Living Legend!

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A Closer Look Into Fusicology...

Topic: A Closer Look at Fusicology

Asya Shein is a dynamo! She has been around the music industry for over 20 years and has met and/or worked with several different artists.

Starting out as a dancer and then managing different artists, let's us know how interesting her journey has been. Her key contribution has been Fusicology which has become a one stop shop for all information for concerts, shows, and events for Neo Soul, Soul, Hip Hop & House all over the country.

Providing a free online tool that can be used to share and promote information about events, concerts and shows have been an excellent alternative to online ticketing systems. Again, it's free and can you can't purchase any tickets through Fusicology but you'll be informed as to what's going on you in your city.

After celebrating its 15 year this year, there is no indication of it stopping or slowing down any time soon.

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The Art of Photography


Topic: The Art of Photography

Gotta Give Thanks For What They See...

What better way to bring in the holidays than to talk with creative beings, that look through their lenses to see everyone’s beauty.  RCR! Presents Real Discussions, our guests were Melissa Alexander, Maurice Thompson and Demetrius Williams – Topic: The Art of Photography.

It was insightful, filled with laughs and infused with next level goals. It was an opportunity to give those who are hardly in front of the camera, to have a voice and talk about the ART of it all.  Their span of work has touched music festivals, events, galas, documentaries, videos, still portraits and action shots.  They have captured people, places and things that resonates with their lenses as a piece of art.  Their visuals contributions have been appreciated as it targets people of color and the beauty that they carry.

We want thank our guests for what they do and their contributions to our communities. Thanks to everyone who listened in, liked, commented and shared the show. Thanks to Instinct Radio for letting us come through for the afternoon. 

If you missed the discussion, feel free to check out on the Real Chicks Rock YouTube Channel.

Remember to...

~ Embrace your beauty.
~ Capture more moments.
~ Support the Arts and the people who are passionate about it.

Until next time, continue to...#ROCKon

#TheClickATLOn RCR! Presents Real Discussions, our guests were:

Melissa Meli-Mel Alexander:

Maurice Thompson: ClickArtist Media

Demetrius Williams:


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Hosting The Tambor Party...

Hosting The Tambor Party…

I’ve always been drawn to house music.  It’s a love of mine and I’ve been fortunate to find it here in Atlanta.  A few years ago, I found this underground house party called Tambor.  Just after the 1st visit, I became a member and attended the parties monthly.  After a few years, I had the opportunity to join the Tambor Party Team and it’s been a great experience.  But what takes it to another level for me is when the founder and curator of Tambor – Stan Zeff feels comfortable enough to have the party go on while being out of the country.  Now, that’s humbling and we had no other choice but to prove that he was right in keeping the party going.  A good time was had by all and we give thanks for having the opportunity to be the host.  


Takeaway – Operate with integrity and be professional and you’ll be amazed by how 'The Universe' will bless you.

The Life of A Visual Artist

The Life of A Visual Artist

The life of a visual artist.

Being an artist is one thing, however, being a very talented and forward thinking artist is something else. To know that you have a gift and present it to the right audience, can also become a challenge.

A visual artist wants the ability not to be boxed in doing what people think they should be or what they should do. They merely have a creative thought and want to express it on anything they can put their hands on canvas, paper, walls and as well as clothing.

Phyllis Robinson knew she was an artist since she was 3 years old. Being a shy person, she looked to art to be an outlet to help in expressing herself. Her work is more reflective of the contemporary side, the revolutionary size, the political side.  Phyllis has since realized that her art has a voice and it must be seen and heard.

Lisa Lee had recently discovered her visual talent side about 8 months ago. She was drawing previously and stopped due to becoming a wife and mother at the time. Now, that her home landscape has changed, she feels that the rediscovery of her skills and love for visual art has come directly from GOD as a second chance at it.

These ladies brought their passion and their sense of humor to RCR! Presents Real Discussions to our show a few weeks back. They shared with us what it's like to have this gift and not necessarily know what to do with it at first. Then, over time and experience, they've learned to accept it and not compromise it.

Attending art shows and gallery's, they've found that they often times are the only females there and/or Black as well. It hasn't stopped them in continuing to pursue what gives them joy. Being a visual artist has not only blessed their souls but also those that have their art on the walls.

Be sure to get some art in your life. Check out PAR.Art LLC and Lisa Lee Artistry and get an original piece of art today.  Art LLC and Lisa Lee Artistry and get an original piece of art today.

We wish them both continued success and remember to...

~ Never let people stop you from doing what you love and what gives you life.
~ Art is a form of expression and when done right, it touches someone's heart and soul.
~ It doesn't matter when or where you start, just start.

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One year Anniversary Episode #46

Topic:  The Ladies Who Sing House - Miranda Nicole

Show Air Date - 4/16/17

How does someone who lives in both California and Atlanta know about house music at a young age?  They typically don't unless they have music around them all the time.  Having a dad that owned a record store that had access to all types of music was ideal.  Miranda started singing when she was young, but being a songwriter was the lane she wanted to reside in.  

After a few successfully talent shows, she realized that being a singer felt right.  She listened to various different artists and all types of music.  She really enjoyed listening to CeCe Peniston as one of her favorites but had no idea that she was listening to House Music. Singing this type of genre felt right for her, however, she didn't want to box herself in and limit her style.  

Enters in Glamsoul which is a feeling, a sound and a look that Miranda has developed years ago.  When she sings, she wants you to feel it, hear it and see it. 

Miranda has a soulful sound that sounds great over the music and becomes even more delicious when remixed.  The world is hers as she continues to write and sing her own music. Keep a close eye on her as she continues to bring you the world the way she sees it through song.


And until next time, always continue to #ROCKon

RCR! Presents Real Discussions - Life After Incarceration ~ A Woman's Story

RCR! Presents Real Discussions

Topic: Life After Incarceration ~ A Woman's Story

Air date: March 19, 2017

Often times, people immediately tend to judge others who have spent time in prison.  It's not taken into account, that people don't always make the best decisions. Also, the motives that drive them to make those choices can be deeply rooted.

Breaking the law in areas or cities where the smallest of crimes can provoke long jail time, is the never the right thing to do.  However, some people break the law to be seen as cool and to have a sense of belonging is what some inmates have done to be accepted.

Being sexually violated and finding a way to lash out by way of stealing and forging checks became an outlet for 'Christy'. Christy knew what to say to get her 11-year sentence reduced down to 9 months. However, she knew what to say,  do, get the time reduced, be let out and continue to do it again.

Having an addiction is what she said about her struggles with the law.  She was in denial about the fact that she even had a problem. As time went on, instead of her leaving a life crime, she had criminal problems in 2 states now, instead of just one.

She knew that she was meant to do more with her life than this. Her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse and being able to help people, never left her imagination. Christy realized that she had a problem and that a change would have to come soon. She began to see changes come in her life and opportunities became available to her only by the grace of GOD.

Christy was very transparent with us as she shared how, why and when it all started for her. Life in the prison system is far from cool, but for Christy, she thought it was.

Being able to turn her life around by making better decisions is why she's been out of the prison system for 20 years. Christy was able to get her LPN and RN while in and out of the prison system and now is a mom, an author working on becoming a minister.

Christy's journey consists of helping other people, especially women to stay out of prison by being equipped to make better life choices and decisions. Being able to reach and connect with young people as well is another goal on Christy's list to achieve.

To keep yourself in a posture that's always learning...

~ Forgive yourself for any mistakes, you've made
~ Learn from your mistakes
~ Share with others so that certain cycles are not repeated

...and as always, continue to #ROCKon


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Special Guest: Christy Cooks author of Never Giving Up: The Power of True Deliverance

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