Tora Torres

Thank you Michelle Dawes Birt for putting together another amazing event. Your dedication to the empowerment to women is always appreciated and needed. Thank you to all of the family and friends who came out and gave so much positive energy and support. A special shout out to all of the fantastic DJs last night. DJ Brianne Rask you did your thing. Great meeting you and chatting with you. DJ Vicki Powell so glad I finally got to meet you. Loved your set. Still thinking about that history lesson from the ride home;) DJ Debbie Graham as usually you put it down chica. Until next time ladies!

Monika Thornton

On behalf of Powerful Beginnings I would like to thank Michelle Dawes Birt for an awesome last night. I was so amazed by the event and how it touched women that needed it at that very moment. Michelle you are such an inspiration and your energy is contagious. Thank you all for the donations that will go towards helping women rebuild their life. We are truly floored and appreciative of such wonderful people. 

Hanifah H.

Michelle Dawes Birt you are an inspiration! As a survivor of violence I am grateful for you bringing this subject to the surface! Although I was not on the dance floor soaking up all the love my heart was there with all of you!

Anana Harris Parris

At a fundraiser for domestic violence with my girl Virginia Robles Belizaire by Real Chicks Rock celebrating those women who say enough is enough. So proud of Michelle Dawes Birt's work!! #sistercarematters #selfcarematters