What Makes a Well-Balanced Day?

a well balanced day

It’s 6am, your alarm goes off— it’s time to start the day! Take a shower. Get dressed. Did you have time for breakfast? Too late. Time for work. Lunch break. Back to work. Pick up the kids. Run errands. Cook dinner. Maybe squeeze in a little free time… *phew* time for BED!


These days everyone is trying to figure out how to balance something in their life. Whether it’s attempting to find the perfect work/life balance or working toward a more productive routine involving better personal habits, focus of energy, and some time for leisure. 


There’s no way that someone else can tell you what kind of routine would work best for you. When it gets down to it, only YOU can figure that out. Here’s how:


Define your priorities.

Figure out what’s most important to you on a daily basis. Where do most of your responsibilities lie? Whether you work full-time, are a homemaker, or student, you should list the things you MUST do each day, in order of importance. 


List your hobbies/interests.

Do you have a second job, a career goal, or interest that you are pursuing? Most of us are capable of ANYTHING, so I’m sure many of you have that “dream job” you’re working toward through building a portfolio, networking, or maintaining an online business or shop. It is just as, if not more, important that you make time EVERYDAY to do what your REALLY love. 


Find your peaceful place.

Whether it’s on the couch watching your favorite TED Talk, taking that afternoon yoga class, or sitting with a cup of tea in a quiet place, you MUST find time for YOU. Getting just a little bit of “me time” can be a world of difference for your physically, mentally, and spiritually. Taking a break or getting some to rest, doesn’t have to be reserved for bed time. Everyone needs a break at some point during the day to build up stamina to accomplish your daily goals.


What’s your greater good?

When’s the last time you did a favor, gave to charity, or volunteered a service? Even though our lives a packed with activity, it’s imperative to give a little back in any way that works for you. Charity and community service reminds us all that there are still good-natured people as well as delivers a reminder for us all to be grateful for what we have in our lives. 


Granted, not everyone has the same lifestyle, but if you can fill your day with what matters and means the most to you; you can guarantee that each and everyday will end leaving you fulfilled and balanced. These are just a few suggestions that we hope will give you guidance in how to manage your day(s).  Life is too short and time is one resource that you get to pay or gain back.