The Gospel According to Jessica Care Moore

Some people are good at doing some things and then there are some that are great at doing almost everything they put their hands on. This dynamo lady that hails from Detroit, Michigan is no different. Jessica Care Moore can almost do it all. Well, whatever she puts her mind, heart and hands to do she does well.

Jessica is a poet, writer, author, musician, teacher and mom. She has accomplished so many things within this lifetime that it’s too much to mention within this blog (you’ll have to watch/listen to our conversation to or more discussions around that). And there is an equally long list of being ‘ the first’ as well. Jessica has always been passionate about the arts since she was a little girl and as an adult, she made a committed to make a difference. She noticed that women, regardless of how talented they are, were not given the platforms to display their talents.

Black Women Rock has been created by Jessica and begins to slowly change the game and dynamic. Now, several talented black women are being able to display their artistic talents, whether it be playing an instrument, singing or performing spoken word.

Jessica has so much adoration and respect for all the women she’s met on this journey of empowering Black women through Rock music. The list of artists and supporters are lengthy today and continues to grow. Not only is she committed to the art musically, but she will forever have a deep love as a poet. That remains unchanging and it shows in the books that she’s written. Jessica Care Moore is so worth the time in finding out more about her, what she’s done and what she has to offer. She is doing it and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. From music, poetry, Ted Talks and more.

Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on this amazing woman as she continues to soar.

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