What’s Life Like Living with Lupus?

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Often times we think about Cancer and Diabetes as diseases that impact us the most.  Well, we shouldn’t disregard the power that Lupus has on the individuals it tries to attack. 

RCR! Presents Real Discussions talked about What’s Life Like Living with Lupus with two women who refuse to lose.  They are not just survivors, but winners.  My guests Joelle May and Adrienne Allende have decided they would not lose in the daily battle with Lupus.  These ladies have decided to win each new day that they’re given. Yes, it’s like that! It’s a daily decision to want to beat it and not give in to how you might be feeling.

The interesting thing about this is that both of these women were diagnosed with Lupus at different times in their lives not knowing that they had anything wrong with them to begin with.

It has changed them both immensely where some of things that wanted to do and/or used to do can no longer be considered an option. Having children, relationships, careers, etc. are we’re tough decisions that had to made in order to focus on their health each and everyday.

Lupus is a complicated and unpredictable disease. You don’t know when symptoms will strike or how long a flare could last. The uncertainty of how you can be impacted will very from day to day and throughout the course of the day.  To make a donation to the local chapters, go Lupus.org.

Feel free to learn more about Lupus and the women who have decided to fight everyday on the Real Chicks Rock! YouTube channel.


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