A Conversation with DJ Jazzy Joyce

Often times when we think "Legend" in the music, artist and DJ realm, we typically focus on men. However, this individual is an exception to the rule. It was my honor to sit down and have a conversation with DJ Jazzy Joyce.

Hailing from The Bronx (my hometown), this phenomenal woman has been in the game of DJing since she was a little girl. So, young that her mom had to take her to parties/events.

Hip Hop is her steelo, but she has never limited herself to just that. She has allowed the music to take her and the audience wherever they want to go and thus a good time is had by all. Joyce shared her experiences with that has spanned over 40 years. Never tired of growing and staying relevant, she keeps her eyes and ears open as to how music has changed. She throws no shade as she understands it all.

She lets us know that it's all about expression and being able to be free to express yourself is essential. Not only a DJ, but an artist as well, she paints and designs her own clothing line. Pieces that need to be hung in a gallery and/or museum. Let's not take for granted this one as she's still here willing to ROCK the party & part some wisdom for those that want to hear it.

Real Chicks Rock!™ Salutes DJ Jazzy Joyce... A Living Legend!

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