The Power of Writing ~ An Author's Perspective

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This Talk Radio show aired Sunday, November 19th,  2017 at InstinctRadio.Net

These Women Have Something To Say...

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The Topic: The Power of Writing ~ An Author’s Perspective

My guests Fonda Clayton Smith and Joyce Reed were very transparent in their process of being an author.

They identified the pros and cons as well as the process of getting your book published. Using writing and becoming an author has helped in being an extension of their voice.

We give many heartfelt thanks ...

For everyone who tuned in.

For the likes, the shares and spreading the word.

To my guests for taking time out of their busy schedules to come and share with the masses.

To Status Network for allowing Real Discussions to have a home.


~ Use writing to help write your truth.
~ Use writing to let your voice be heard.
~ Use writing to be extension of yourself, your brand and your product.

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