Our Mental Health and Wellbeing

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This Talk Radio show aired Sunday,  July 2nd, 2017

It's all about Mental Wellness!

Gotta give thanks for these ladies for joining me for RCR! Presents Real Discussions.

Erica James-Strayhorn, Sunnye Brathwaite, and Kay Wolfe MSc came wanting to share as much information as possible.

The combination of Erica's professional experience and Sunnye and Kay's personal journey made this discussion insightful, impactful and informational.

If you know of anyone dealing with mental health challenges, feel free to reach out to anyone of us and we'll get the proper information to you.

Thanks again to all my guests. We wish them continued success both professionally and personally.

Thank you to Status Network  for allowing our voices to be heard.


~ Your mental health is nothing to take lightly.
~ Make an investment in getting the help you need.
~ Words have power so, let's use mental health versus mental illness.

Until next time, continue to... #ROCKon


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