A Conversation with Phyllis Robinson


This Talk Radio show originally aired Sunday, October 1, 2017 at StatusNetwork.Net

Topic:  Giving Back & Much More

Gotta Give Thanks...

Phyllis Robinson was in the neighborhood and sat in with me for a few to have an impromptu conversation on Real Chicks Rock!™️ Presents Real Discussions.

The conversation covered topics that were on our mind. From the recent hurricanes, how our government has been handling it, to homelessness and giving back to our communities.

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Thanks to Status Network for giving us a platform to have a voice

Always remember to ...

- Be flexible and adapt to change.

- What you consider to be a little, can make a big difference for someone else.

- No matter how tough it gets, enjoy life as much as possible.

Until next time, continue to...#ROCKon


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