3rd Annual 5k CupCake Run

Everyone LOVES Cupcakes….

There’s something to be said about accomplishing a goal, regardless of the age involved.  Being focused, determined and driven is what was displayed on Saturday, October 21st at Grant Park in Atlanta, GA. Young and old came out to be apart of the Cupcake Run 5k ATL.  All the runners were so excited to cross the finish line.  The littlest ones would yell, “I did it, I did it.” 

Unique thing is that this is more than just a 5k Run but it’s designed to empower young ladies. The Chocolate Cupcake Lifestyle brand is an exciting new character-driven lifestyle brand that centralizes tween girls of color in the consumer marketplace. Through their lovable animated characters, books, media, fashion, music and life experiences they encourage girls to live life with Courage, Confidence, Creativity, Compassion and Character.  Founder Lynda Osborne is excited about the direction the brand is heading and is always wanting to align with others that see the vision as well.  We were honored to be a sponsor at this year’s 3rd annual CupCake Run 5k.  The energy was infectious and we’re so looking forward to participating as a sponsor next year.