Robust Harvest

You can do nothing about the past whether good or bad. It is time to move forward and release all that is behind you. There is nothing you can do to change what was. Some of your decisions resulted in seeds sown that produced regret. But, you can make better choices now that will reap a healthier and more robust harvest. Choose wisely, for you stand on the threshold of a new beginning and new opportunities.

Light & Life

Clear your mind of all negativity and past disappointments. Let it all go, and set your mind on light and life. Deliberately think about things that bring hope and encouragement. This is a choice and a discipline, but the more you direct your thoughts, the more doors will open for good things.



Yield To The Universe

Things have not worked out as you envisioned or expected, but you must get past discouragement and disappointment. There is still purpose for your life, which does not depend on what you view as failure. Your future will depend on your relationship with The Creator, and your willingness to be led by a The Universe. Your responsibility is to yield to it and trust it.