Open Hand

Pay attention to the signs around you, for The Universe will speak to you in a variety of ways and will show you things that you need to see so that you can understand what's going in areas you can't see. At this time you can make your plans, but you must hold them loosely as with an open hand so that you can be led by The Universe. Your next step, is to let it guide you as your well being may depend on it.

The Universe Knows YOU

Set yourself apart from all turmoil, and dedicate yourself to your purpose. The Universe knows you; knows your name, your current situation, and your challenges. Be at peace and trust it to lead you through the maze of circumstances that you now face. Do not be afraid; it will guide you and it will show you the way.

Be Alert!

Your encounters will reveal situations that would not only become distractions, but could cause you to feel disoriented. You need to keep your feet planted firmly on what is true and good. Entertaining any fantasy at all will result in a long and unfruitful ride. Stay present and look to The Universe for guidance. Be alert!



Follow & Flow

As you continue on your journey, you must keep in mind that love is the primary thing. Let your love for one another override every other emotional reaction and mental response to life and circumstances. If this is on the top of your list, all other areas will follow and flow.



Do Not Despair.

Sometimes you feel like you have stalled and are no longer moving forward. Do not despair. You should take advantage of this quiet time to do internal work. Pay particular attention to things brought to your attention that require a change of motivation and attitude. Align yourself and be done with self-justification.

Light & Life

Clear your mind of all negativity and past disappointments. Let it all go, and set your mind on light and life. Deliberately think about things that bring hope and encouragement. This is a choice and a discipline, but the more you direct your thoughts, the more doors will open for good things.



Through the Maze

Set yourself apart from all turmoil, and dedicate yourself to your purpose and the assurance that The Universe knows your name, your current situation, and your challenges. Be at peace and trust it to lead you through the maze of circumstances that you now face. Don't be afraid; it's with you and will show you the way.

Time of Release

Get ready to emerge from a transitional time when progression seemed to have stalled. It's not that you haven't accomplished what was necessary, but forward motion was difficult and hindered at best--almost like walking through mud. You will soon sense a time of release as you move with less restriction and greater freedom.

Yield To The Universe

Things have not worked out as you envisioned or expected, but you must get past discouragement and disappointment. There is still purpose for your life, which does not depend on what you view as failure. Your future will depend on your relationship with The Creator, and your willingness to be led by a The Universe. Your responsibility is to yield to it and trust it.

Solid Ground

Re-establish yourself on the solid ground. You cannot acquire benefits without trusting The Universe. And, you cannot rely on your efforts alone to achieve maximum benefits. You have heard it said that desperate times call for desperate measures. Do not think of faith as your last act of desperation, but your first choice in getting help.

Which Way

Resist the temptation to follow distractions that lead you away from your truth. Not everything that is a diversion from what is normal for you is a distraction. You will have to evaluate whether or not you are getting further away from your truth or coming closer as a result of your activities. Let The Universe lead you in the way you should go, and you will be strengthened.


Temporary to Forever

Take the time and seize the moment to step back from your troubles and view your life from an objective and greater perspective. See it through the eyes and truth of eternity, and be grateful. Remember that you belong to here however, you are just passing through all that is temporary on your way to that which lasts forever.

Spend Time In The Light

Take advantage of every opportunity to press through the dark situations until you find the light and goodness. The more time you spend in the light, the more you will take on a positive attitude. Escape the grasp of negativity and ‪#‎ROCKon‬


Find Your Peace

Be still and find that place of peace that goes beyond your natural understanding. You are being bombarded with too much noise and too many words. The earth is filled with words of deception, fear, and outrage. But, you must stay calm and fill yourself with truth, peace, and assurance. Do not allow the forces of negativity take you off course. Be strong and steadfast.