House In The Park #14

House In The Park #14

Real Chicks Rock! Presents Real Discussions spent some time talking with House In The Park Founder – Ramon Rawsoul. Born and raised on Chicago’s South Side, he had no idea his life would change for him.

Moving to the suburbs of Chicago and then to Atlanta for college, he started to meet people that were a part of the underground scene. Encountering some of Atlanta’s influential DJs during that time, he caught the bug and wanted to start his own party. That’s when The Gathering came about and during the same year House In the Park was birthed.

House In The Park started off with 8 DJs (all of Ramon’s Friends), then the following year it was 6 scheduled (5 played as one couldn’t make it). Then it became just the iconic 4 DJs that you see today - Salah Ananse, DJ Kemit, Ramon Rawsoul and Kai Alce. This order has not changed in years even though the park location has. Moving from Candler Park to Perkerson Park to Grant Park speaks to how much this event has grown over the years. So much so, that it’s considered a festival. The other game changer is that this is the 1st year that it will be charging people to attend (kids under 10 are free).

It’s usually a great day in the park, rain or shine. The music. The people. The Love that’s in the air. The Dancing. It all does something to each person that’s in attendance. Whether you like house music or not, it’s typically about some feel good music being played. If you’re in the Atlanta area, not let Labor Day Sunday pass you by and you not be a part of one of the fun festivals in the city. I’ll be there dancing and I hope to see you there as well.

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