A Closer Look Into Fusicology...

Topic: A Closer Look at Fusicology

Asya Shein is a dynamo! She has been around the music industry for over 20 years and has met and/or worked with several different artists.

Starting out as a dancer and then managing different artists, let's us know how interesting her journey has been. Her key contribution has been Fusicology which has become a one stop shop for all information for concerts, shows, and events for Neo Soul, Soul, Hip Hop & House all over the country.

Providing a free online tool that can be used to share and promote information about events, concerts and shows have been an excellent alternative to online ticketing systems. Again, it's free and can you can't purchase any tickets through Fusicology but you'll be informed as to what's going on you in your city.

After celebrating its 15 year this year, there is no indication of it stopping or slowing down any time soon.

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