RCR! Presents Real Discussions - A Conversation With Joonya T.

RCR! Presents Episode 45

RCR! Presents Episode 45

Show Air Date: 4/2/17

With Toronto always being his home, Joonya T had the influence of soca, reggae and hip hop music. He and his mom would listen to all different kinds of music including country western. Music filled their home especially, every Saturday as they did the household chores together.
As a kid, Joonya T began to join little clubs within the school. Next thing he knows, he found himself DJing his 1st party in the 6th grade. Eventually, he began liking house music before he really knew what it was.

Once he discovered it, he and his friends would find themselves enjoying the house music parties and catching vibes at parties. He and his crew found themselves chilling in the 'Back Corner' when they arrived at the parties. The name stuck and the music continued to be more and more enticing.

Terry (as I like to call him) started following the music he liked the by connecting with the producer of the tracks. By doing this, he was able to meet, connect and build a relationship with Karizma and they became good friends. Karizma was working on HandzOnRadio at the time, and time slot opened up and Terry started his radio career.

The show's format is uniquely different as he provides the names, artist and record label for each track and for every show. There's typically not much talking when house music is playing at a party but Terry wanted to find a way to connect with his listeners and having them dance on the virtual dance floor. At first, some didn't like it but the others would want him to speak if they felt he was too quiet.

His musical track selections, sense of style and show format is a staple and continues to keep his listeners plugged in from around the world. Five years and counting with his radio show, expanding his product line and producing more music is what's on the radar for Terry.

Some vitamins from this conversation are...


  • Stay passionate about what you do
  • Let your work and style speak for itself
  • Tell a friend, tell a friend, tell a friend about the good music that's out here and the people who play it
  • Love what you do and do what you love.

And until next time, always continue to #ROCKon