What is Life Like as an Afro-Latina?

What is life like as an Afro-Latina?  It’s very interesting, to say the least.  Having the exposure to both the African American and Latin cultures has created a wonderful dynamic for some people I know.

Some Afro-Latinas grow up emerged in a Latin-infused environment.  As they get older, they’ll make the choice as to whether or not they want to carry on those traditions within their personal lives and homes.  You think it would a simple decision to live your life as you see fit, however, some outsiders feel that you are either of one culture or the other and can’t be both. Silly of them to think that people could be confined by that narrow way of thinking and living.

Tasteful dishes, family traditions, and music that embraces African influences are some of the components that embody Afro-Latinas.  They are apart of our African culture by way of the Caribbean and it shows by how they look, respond to music and what they allow to influence their lives.

I’m honored to have very special friends and people close to me that have shared their cultures with me. Because of them taking me in, I believe I’m Afro-Latina too.


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Remember to...

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~ Embrace your heritage

~ Embrace your multi-cultural lifestyle and experiences

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